Our mission is to provide all CA CCW applicants with an exciting and comprehensive understanding of the penal codes as they apply to uses of force, safe gun handling, marksmanship, less than lethal solutions, tactical considerations, scenarios and live fire drills. Our team of  International  police officers have cutting edge information, combined with real life experiences,Handbook and videos to create a powerful presentation. Seminars are designed to be informal, interactive and life changing!


  Training Is Valid For all of International  organizations.

                                                       Equipment / Ammunition :

+ Eye and ear protection
+ Holster (outside the waistband style recommended due to repetitious training)
+ Belt
+ Magazine or speedloader pouch/carrier 
+ 2 magazines or 1 speedloader per weapon type
+ Primary handgun (200 rounds of ammo)


                                                     The California 


  CCW Permit Course  is a 16  hour course that includes 12  hours of classroom instruction and 4  hours of “Live Fire. 

IPA Refund Policy : All of Registration fee,Training fee,Shooting fee&Certificate  fee will not be refunded (




  LIVE FIRE ADDRESS:  Prado Olympic Shooting Park(17501 Pomona Rincon Rd Chino ,CA 91708)


  Classroom Address: 26945 Cabot Road,Suit 102 Laguna Hills,CA 92653


  The main office Address: 27142 Manzano Mission Viejo ,CA 92692


Class days: Monday to Friday

Class time: 9AM to 5PM







   Cell Phone :(949)444-4344


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