I am Grand  Mster Ramin, Batebi Ph.D, 49 years old,  I am interested to work &  training  the police and military forces and Security& ETC ,I am with 7thdan of ISA karate and 7thdan of sungjado &5rd  dan of kaisendo degrees of international coaching . I am an International police,Military, Security&Body Guard  instructor.  I am a member of the global campaigns association, educator of security& body guarding   systems and teacher of services to protect personalities.







I have 40 years of experience in various fields of martial  arts and military forces&Special  forces & Anti- terrorism& security guard&body guards  activities.




·        EDUCATION




Doctorate of Martial Science,



May 2001 - February 2008



Florence  ISA National



University | USA










2- International  Police,Military,Security&Body Guard Instructor



3- International  Kaisendo Martial arts&Self defence  Instructor



4- Security Guard Card of California since 2014



5- Private  Guard card of California



6- Certificate of Training TEAR GAS/OC PEPPER  SPRAY



7- Certificate of Completion Electronic Control Devices TASER/Stun-Gun



8- CA BASIS( Power to Arrest) and WMD



9- CA BASIS (GuardCard )AB-2880 Training



10- IBGA Certificates(International Body Guard Alliance)



11- ISA Certificates(International Sungjado Association)



12- ISA Karate Certificates(International Karate  Association)



13- Certificate of Basic First Aid



14- Certificate of CPR/AED(Adult,Child,Infant)



15- Certificate of Proprietary Private security Officer



16- Certificate of USA Registered Body Guard



17- Member of IBGA Anti-Terrorist Agent  



18- Iran Police certificates



19- Certificate of USA Community police Patrol



20- Iran Military certificates



21- Lifetime member of USA Martial arts Federation



22-Honorary Member  of long beach Police Officer Association



23-Permit for Exposed Firmarm &Baton Permit(BSIS)



24- Certificate of comleted a qualify firmarms sefety course for handgun



25-Member of International Association of chiefs of Police(IACP)



26-High Level Security Training(Tear GAS and Pepper spray training as prescribed by 12403.7P.C on



27-  High Level Security Training(Handcuffing Procedures as prescribed by BSIS)



28- Lifetime member of USA Martial arts Federation



29-  Lifetime member of JU-JITSU Federation



30-International Karate  Sungjado Association(School Charter)



31-Kaisendo National Representative of USA





 ·        SKILLS



1-      Training of Military ,police and security forces in the field of security and protecting of personalities and also body-guarding along with providing professional degree and official identification card from the union of American IB-GA.



2-    International police &Military Instructor & International Security Instructor



3-      Training martial arts in the field of international styles ISAKarate&Sungjado &Aikido&Jeet Kune do



4-      Developing international fighters to world championships.



5-      Sending international fighter coaches and referees to all over the world



6-      Permission of the US for establishment of schools and faculties for teaching martial arts and body guarding throughout the world.



7-      Establishment of body guarding and security companies.



8-      Establishment of International Federations, associations and unions.



9-        Sending educators of security, body-guarding and personalities protection to all countries.






·         IBGA


·         ISA