WHAT IS Kaisendo?

Do Kai Sen Janjis

Kaisendo etymologically means "path or via continuous processing"; as it is described, Chinese characters of the words "KAI" "SEN" "DO"

all this complemented by learning other skills. In addition to the benefits of sport and giving psychological strength developing emotional intelligence basic and neocortez through martial discipline, which makes  people who are practitioners of Kaisendo develop the ability to be successful in all areas of your life.


The Kaisendo can be practiced by all kinds of people, nationalities, beliefs, ages and sexes without

  underestimating any kind, bringing great benefits in their lives and spreading its benefits to others.

 Long-term moral and spiritual development of man sought in their social environment. The Kaisendo not based on the teaching of some single or articulated techniques, but in programs of general technical principles (governing bases) compounds, which allow the practitioner to think of a strategy and tactics to create a compendium of techniques that fit the reality of each particular case, avoiding rote learning  techniques and consequently nullifying the creation of tactics and strategy in support of it. 

The Kaisendo also allows the practitioner to apply the continuous fluid in different areas where you need it. 

KANJI KAISENDOEl Kaisendo has already proven its excellent quality, effectiveness and always going forward basis, to the point that some of its former members for weakness, lack of loyalty and little capacity to develop Kaisendo in its entirety, accompanied by a great ambition to become like our founder, they have  wanted to establish or develop their own self defense systems that are nothing more than a bad copy of Kaisendo disguised with different elements. So the Kaisendo is a unique system, which will verify when you're a real kaisendoka. 

The Kaisendo to be performed as a trilogy (a real self-defense system - a sport full combat - martial

 discipline) allows people to practice three disciplines in one and simultaneously professionalize its

 practitioners in self-defense, in a contact sport and a martial art. So people like their teachers are not seen in the need to change or implement other systems or styles of martial arts, but evolve and develop along with the Kaisendo in different scenarios and situations that are happening in their lives present and future. 

 With this we say that the Kaisendo is everywhere and that everything is possible through the path of

  continuous improvement.

Logo Kaisendo on Private Security Self-Defense, police and military, as a trademark, is designed with the philosophy of a global conception of unification and continued development of the order and the enforcement of laws for the good of humanity. The eagle represents the power of justice that sees everything. The symbols of the tonfa, the expandable baton and handcuffs represent the bodies of public and private security. The composition of letters Kaisendo within that physical, metal and spiritual existence that transcends infinity. At the right side of the Kaisendo Chinese ideograms which is the path of continuous improvement it is. Color "BLACK" means the depth in their pedagogical and scientific studies, higher capacity, knowledge, wisdom, professionalism. The Red color", It indicates the life, the blood, the strength, the will. The "blue" means the authority and protection that transcends all living things and everything around us tangible and intangible. Color "WHITE" means, peace.




The annual license by Federations, Associations, Unions, or Clubs € 230.00


Annual re-affiliation by Federations Associations, Unions or Clubs € 200.00



 Annual License: Adults (Over 14 Years of Age) 85.00


Annual License Children (Up To 13 Years Of Age) € 60,00 

Black Belt Card € 40,00


Duplicate of the Black Belt Card 30,00 €


Diploma of Degrees (Kyus) € 55


Duplicate of the Diploma of Degrees (Kyus) € 40 


Duplicate of the Diploma of Degree (Danes) € 55






Categories:  Karate -and related AA.MM ----KAISENDO ------- Police Self D.



1er. Dan (CN) ------------------- 100 Euros --------------------- 110€ - -------------------120 €



2º. Dan (CN) -------------------- 120 € uros --------------------- 130 € ------------------140€



3rd. Dan (CN) ------------------ 150 € uros ------------------- 260 € ------------------ 270 €



4th Dan (CN) ------------------- 160 € uros -----------------   380€ ------------- ----- 420 €



5th Dan (CN) ------------------- 190 € uros ------------------ 430 € - ------------------480€



6th Dan (CN) ------------------- 230 € uros -------------------580 € -¬¬¬¬¬¬---------590 €



7th Dan (CN) ------------------- 330 € uros -------------------590 € - -----------------630 €






• Instructor (1st Dan) ------------------------------ 200.00€



  • REG. Instructor (2nd Dan) --------------------- 300.00€



  • National Instructor (3rd. //4th.Dan) ---------400,00 €



  • International Instructor (5th. Dan) -----------650.00€



  Police Self Defense






  • Instructor (1srt Dan) ------------------------------ 400.00€



  • REG. Instructor (2nd Dan) -------------------- --500.00€



  • National Instructor (3rd.4th.Dan) -------------600,00 €



  • International Instructor (5th. Dan) ---------- 850.00€



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