6 Day Executive Protection Training Program – $6,495



Double-occupancy hotel accommodations, most meals, ammo (9mm), local ground transportation and all required materials are included for the 9 day program – Executive Protection, Protective Medical Response with CPR/FA/AED Certification, Protective Firearms  Defensive Tactics, and Defensive / Evasive Driving Fundamentals. ($4,895 no hotel option)




4 Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course – $4,495



-Preliminary Assessments & Protective Intelligence



-Advance Concepts & Route Selection



-Protective Perimeters & Layering Concepts



-Designing & Implementing a Protective Detail



-High, Low & No Profile Protection



-Covert Protection Concepts



-Choreography & Formations



-Counter-Surveillance & Surveillance Detection



-Motorcade & Convoy Security Concepts



-Pre-Attack Indicators & Behavioral Analysis



-Vehicle Sweeps & Vehicle Readiness



-Live Advance & Protective Detail Exercises



-Protective Operations Case Studies



-State Licensing Requirements & Insurance



-Successful Start-Up, Sub-Contracting & Marketing Techniques



*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*





1 Day Protective Medical Response Training Course – $895



-Adult & Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED Certification (American Red Cross)



-Blood-borne Pathogens, Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector Certification



-Diabetic Emergencies, Shock, Stroke, Heat/Cold Injuries, and Poisoning



-TCCC All-Combatants Certification (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians)



-Point of Wounding Care: Massive hemorrhage, Airway, Respiratory, Circulation, and Hypothermia.



-Emergency Response Readiness, Equipment Selection & Evacuation in Protective Operations



-*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*




2 Day Defensive Tactics  /Protective Firearms  Training  Course – $2295



-Full Spectrum Conflict Resolution & Live Fire Training



-Proper gear selection & placement, ammo & ballistics



-Proper stance, grip & draw from holster



-Sight alignment, trigger control & recoil management



-Speed reloads, immediate & remedial action



-Concealed-carry considerations and techniques



-Shooting on the move & atypical shooting positions



-Multiple target engagement & shot cycles



-Shooting on the move & muzzle control



-Attack-on-Principal & principal extraction exercises



-Solo-Practitioner Attack Response/Counter-Attack (SPARC) Drills



-Detail Attack Response & Evacuation (DARE) Drills



-‘Verbal Judo’, Command Presence & De-Escalation



-Hand-to-hand, hand-to-knife, knife-to-firearms, defensive tactics



*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*



2 Day Evasive Driving /Defensive  Program – $2,695



-Vehicle Dynamics & the Physics of Driving



-Vehicle Types & Considerations



-Vehicle Checks, Equipment & Emergency Preparedness



-Attack Recognition & Ambush Avoidance



-Sedan & SUV Evasive Maneuvers & Concepts



-Accident Avoidance, Emergency braking & Swerving-to-avoid Obstacles



-High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking Techniques & Skid Control



-2 Point Escape Turns and Reversing Techniques



*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*